Get Down – Rivasoul Song Lyrics

Song Get Down Like This
Singer Rivasoul
Music Tigerstyle
Lyrics R Dhillon,a Burmy,k Burmy
CategoryNew Punjabi Song Lyrics 2022

Get Down Like This Song Lyrics by Rivasoul

Get down like this
tigerstyle.. Riva soul
Work hard paint knocking us down
Work hard have fun up in the sun
Make my pay music feeling ok
Morning pray keep tough stay strong
Wars peace cool mind be free
Holla world will folla
Do your best head loose
Big up your chest never stress
Vibe to this
Get down like this
Way back then coming up
Toughen up never look back
Keep your cool never loose
Stay on the top tonight
Reach for the top
No we aint gonna drop
Hustling for the paper ready to rock
The world in shock be your own man
Tomorrow today forget hate forget pain
Another level never never feeling the rain
Never living in shame
This life is no game rivasoul tigerstyle
Pray saying this name
Watching at the fakers nothing to see
Mind tough haters
Read books stay calm head fresh
Meditation you will never stress
Live your life like a warrior
True to your roots find your soul
Look in your heart find a spark
Keep on growing tear it apart
Get down like this
Get down like this